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Mobile App design

An app on a mobile device should be easily understandable, convenient, and not annoying. Otherwise, it will be immediately deleted. That's why only specialists must deal with app design. They can be found in our company, which has been working on mobile app design for more than 5 years.

Developing new design-project our specialists take into consideration:

  • ease of navigation (use), thorough (careful) buttons, and menu location (due to the small size of the mobile screen these elements should be convenient but not bulky and not too tiny);
  • optimal color spectrum, not annoying (irritating) users;
  • possibility os using different gestures;
  • social networks integration (this function is especially useful/practical for online store apps);
  • interface simplicity.

We successfully engage in mobile app design in Minsk. The results of our work were assumed even by world brands, that made use of our services.

Mobile App design