Crazy ideas and production, cool projects.

Piplos Media - is a close-knit team of true professionals working for the result. In our «dossier» - real successful projects. With us, you will always be one step ahead, because we are aware of all the new products in the field of modern technologies and even develop our own products. Choosing the most effective and profitable solutions depending on the tasks facing us, we are open to cooperation and are not afraid of difficulties.

We place high demands on ourselves, in the Piplos Media team - specialists tested on projects of various scales and levels. Programmers and designers, marketers and developers of web appls and promotional games, promotion and advertising specialists - we complement each other both in knowledge and experience, and in personal characteristics, so we can answer any of your questions and find an approach to any client. We are in constant creative search and strive for improvement, we believe that the most interesting and successful project - is yet to come. At the same time, we are ready to work hard on the details and pay attention to trifles - to guarantee the reliability and durability of our «projects». Our developments were highly appreciated by such large companies as Yandex, Artox Media, Sony, Onega, Ren and others. We have regular customers and those who recommended us to their partners. There is something to be proud of, but Piplos Media does not work for its own glory, but in order to help your businessу.