Our portfolio

Development of a Leasing CRM system
Development of CRM system as a customer Private Office
Developing the Congruent Social Network
Investment online platform of the banking holding OJSC "BankBelVEB"
Android app Local Market
Development of Android app Local Market. Local Market is an opportunity to offer your goods and services, to find the best business partners.
Website development for the Local Market project
Website development on the Symfony 8.0 framework. System API development on the Symfony 8.0 framework.
Reputation Rating
Development of a site for the generation of rating companies.
Alcohol website concept idea
Development of a website design concept for an alcohol production and sale factory
Design for PRESSBALL
Creation of a Concept idea for the future pressball.by website
UNITESS Website Development
Development of a corporate catalog for UNITESS
Football Development Center
Development of a landing page for the Football Development Center to attract and train the best young players in Belarus.
Mexican Restaurant Concept
Development of a concept idea for a Mexican restaurant website
Corporate site The View
Website development for The View company
Portfolio website development for VEB Technologies
Portfolio website development for VEB Technologies
Website development for a Leasing company
Development of a corporate website Promagroleasing with the integration of 1C and the Personal Account of the user
Landing page for 3D Player
Landing page development for The View company
Marketing Agency Website
Development of a portfolio website for the RSM marketing agency
New version of Polimaster website
Redesign of the main page of the Polimaster website
Online Store "Your House"
Online Store of Finishing Solutions and Building Materials
Center FM radio station
In our portfolio, replenishment with another project for television and radio companies.
Minsk National Airport
Website development for Minsk National Airport, as well as three promotional sites.
Integration with COMET
COMET is an application system that integrates all key business processes and data from sports organizations.
Promo Sites for Polimaster
Development of 5 landing pages, for individual product lines manufactured by Polimaster
Redesign of the site "HUMOR FM"
Continuing work on the projects of radio stations, we returned to our project Humor FM.
Promo project development of advertising game for the compony FLLS ""Gazpromneft-Belnefteproduct
Voka's Birthday
Advertising game dedicated to Voka's Birthday.
Concept for Hospital website
Development of a concept idea for the site of the 2nd Clinical Hospital in Minsk
Redesign of the app "Humor FM"
Recycling Mobile App
Promotional game Armtek
Development of an advertising game for Armtek
Airon website redesign
Development of a new design for the construction company "Airon"
Landing for an Advertising Company
Landing Development for a Moving company
UI/UX CRM Virage-M
Development of a UI/UX concept-idea for the CRM system of the Virage-M travel company
Belarusian Football Federation
Official website of the organization that controls and controls football in Belarus.
Smart card
Support for the project of Bank Dabrabyt
Online Shop Funtastik
Redesign of an online toy store
Promo project for an advertising company of a network of gas stations Gazpromneft
Official site of the Belintertrans logistics company
Network of pharmacies
Development of a new website online store pharmacy network "Green Pharmacy"
Official site of the Topographic and Geodesic Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belgeodesy"
CRM system Virage-M
Technical support for the CRM system of the Virage-M Travel Company
Medical Center
Designe for Children's Medical Center
Technobank Blog
Development of a blog for Technobank OJSC
Malinovka By Spamash
The concept-idea of ​​the site of the international cultural center
Site Horizont v.2
New site visualization horizont.by
Belarusian Oil Trading House
Concept idea for the Belarusian Oil Trading House Unitary Enterprise
Promotional site of the advertising game "Golden Barrels"
Corporate site Orgpromstroy
The leading wholesale and retail company in the market of thermal insulation and finishing materials in Belarus
Perfume and cosmetic factory "SONZA"
Competition Task for the development of a concept idea
Development of a proposal for a corporate website PODO ONEGA
Savushkin Product
Promotional site of the game "Brest-Litovsk on the table"
Call tracking system California
Development of a CRM call tracking system to track marketing performance
Mobile app "Autoradio"
Development of a mobile app (Android and iOS) for radio stations AutoRadio
Autoradio Radio Website
Website development for the new radio station "Autoradio"
Radio station "RadiusFM"
The first FM radio station with broadcasting throughout Belaru
Belarusian National Bank
Marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses
Chain of stores "Cosmo"
Online Store COSMO
Corporate website "Perfumestandart"
The largest importer and distributor of cosmetics and perfumes
Website "Humor FM"
Website development is the first and only humorous radio station in the country!
Furniture Search TradeMebel
Internet Shop and tender site in a single TradeMebel service
VTV channel v2
Concept idea for the Belarusian entertainment TV channel VTV
Mobile app "Humor FM"
Android and iOS application of the radio station "Humor FM"
Lottery site "EMARK"
Online Prize Draw
The concept idea of ​​the site APS
Concept-idea of ​​a new visualization of the site of a logistics company
The concept idea of the corporate website of the company "Lida Beer"
Construction company "AIRON"
Dynamically developing construction company ODO “AIRON”
Healthy Life Magazine "Sportweek"
Development of an online magazine about a healthy life "Sportweek"
Versusports Sports Social Network
Development of a web version of the sports social network Versusports
Versusports Sports Social Network App
IOS and Andriod Development for Versusports Sports Social Networ
U-Plast calculator
evelopment of a calculator for calculating the cost of roofing materials
Zhdanovichi Orphanage
Charity Website Development Project
Corporate site "Polimaster"
Site Catalog of the World Leader in the Production of Radiation Monitoring Devices
Milky World
The concept-idea of ​​the site of OJSC "Milk World"
Development of iOS and Android applications of the radio station "RADIO RELAX"
Regional shopping and entertainment complex with a long history "EXPOBEL"
Radio "Radio Relax"
Website development for Radio "Relax Relax"
Autoactive app
Development of a mobile assistant application for driver
Farmina Online Store
Online Store of the official distributor of the Farmina Pet Foods trademark
Site Mini-MBA
Development of a new workshop site in the Mini-MBA format
Website for the Addicted Agency
Website Development Advertising Agency
Cognitive facts
Cognitive facts
VTV channel
Belarusian entertainment channel
Newspaper "Evening Grodno"
Implementation of a new presentation of the print publication on the Internet
ECyberBet eSports Betting
ECyberBet eSports Betting
George Pryanichnikov
The site of the Georgy Pryanichnikov Architectural Studio
International Freight Carrier APS
Website development for the logistics company APS-Solver
Website design development for company rebranding
SHEF Job Search Site
Search and recruitment site for professional chefs in Israel
Selfiest Promo Site
Social network of selfie lovers
Concept-idea of the new Metallobaza website
Selfiest mobile app
Social network of selfie lovers
Official website of the Horizon holding
Development of a catalog site for one of the largest holdings in the Republic of Belarus
Tekro Corporate Website
Manufacturer of premixes, concentrates and starter feed
Satio Corporate Website
Satio Corporate Website
Travel aggregator TravelSpot
The most interesting low-cost offers
Shopping center Belarus
Concept idea of ​​an online store of a Shopping center
Design Studio Piplos Media v2
Development a second version of the site for the Piplos Media design studio, capable of demonstrating to the maximum all the advantages and capabilities of the company
Grodno Tobacco Factory "Neman"
Developing website for tobacco company in the Republic of Belarus
MarshallSmokers Online Store
Online Shop of Fire sculptures for the garden
Designer furniture Sankus-M
Website for the manufacturer of designer and furniture in Minsk
City cleaning
Transport unitary enterprise
Almier Online Store
Creation of an online metal rolling store
Bellact Company
Design for a dairy producer
ARTOX media - digital agency
A full range of business promotion services on the Internet
Online store Edison
Internet-shop of computer equipment
Design studio 'Piplos Media'
Landing Page of 'Piplos Media
Travel agency "Planet of dreams"
Travel company website with individual tour selection
Workshop of Andrei Chelobanov
Website Catalog of Door Production Workshop
Language School
Develop a high-quality and thoughtful website with an interesting design, taking into account the direction of the customer's company
Nereid company website
Functional corporate site representing the entire list of products offered
Holding "Saleo"
Saleo production site concept
SMM application BuduTam
Application development for facebook social network BuduTam
The mobile app BuduTam
Mobile app development BuduTam for JapanTabacco
Minsk grape wine factory
Landing under the new Maldini Trademark
Belarusian Tennis Federation
Republican Public Association "Belarusian Tennis Federation
Tontiag mobile app
Mobile app of the social network of movie fans Tontiag
Elite Doors from Space Geometry
Site directory of luxury doors
Autoactive Landing
Landing for the Autoactive mobile app
Landing "Your House"
Development of a promotional site for the studio of finishing solutions Your Home
Site Buy Area Rugs
Carpet online store
The social network of movie fans Tontiag
Development of a social network for film lovers and the film industry
Promo site TEOS
Finalization of TM TEOS promo site for Savushkin Product
Mobile app 103.by
Development Mobile application for iOS 103.by
LifeGadget Online Magazine
Development of the online LifeGadget magazine
Security Systems Caesar Satellite
Leading operator of security systems for cars and real estate
Moscow fast food chain Noodles City
website development Moscow fast food chain Noodles City
Duty free Port Alliance
Airport Duty Free Online Shop
House Reservation System
Elite House Reservation System
Business School Grow
Development of an original corporate site for the Rusty Business School
Online Shop Modnikov
Online Shop of car calipers, starters and alternators, as well as all components for their repair
Tourist web portal
Travel portal Kali Laska Belarus
Virtual Fashion Magazine ShootMeMore
Virtual Fashion Magazine ShootMeMore
The concept idea of ​​Orgpromstroy
Development of the concept idea of ​​the corporate website of Orgpromstroy
Ojoobo Fashion News Portal
Ojoobo Fashion News Portal
Logistic company STA-Logistic
Logistic company STA-Logistic
Architectural workshop Ulmus
Website development Architectural workshop Ulmus
Women's calendar
Redesign of a popular mobile app
Sugar Motel Blog App
Sugar Motel Blog Mobile App Designed for iOS
Almier Metal Base
Website for the leader of the Belarusian metal marketа
App dom.by
Mobile app written for the iOS for the building portal dom.by
Development of the corporate site of the Soyuz-agro branch
Karaoke Club
Karaoke Club Pearl
25th of Belita
Promo site for the 25th of Belita
VTB Capital Research for iPad
VTB Capital Research for iPad
Ways Of Looking app
Ways Of Looking app
App Art in Sheffield
Art in Sheffield
Virtual journal 'Ultrabooks Review'
Website development for an English ultrabook magazine. Articles, news and reviews of modern technology
Striped Calendar Ren
Promo website calendar Ren