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25th of Belita

his promotion site will be developed as part of the company's anniversary - the 25th of Belita.

A promo site is a project where a user can watch a video with compliments in Italian and give his answer + share a promo site on social networks and participate in a competition when buying products.


After clicking on the “get a compliment” button, a video opens.

Next, you can view the following videos by clicking "see all videos", after which a plate with 4 videos opens. You can hide it, or you can view any video.


When you click on "take part in the competition" pop-up opens.

  • Name - required field.
  • E-mail - required field
  • Contact phone - optional field.
  • Check number - required field.

(!) A check check has been developed so that the same number is not entered twice.
After filling in the required fields correctly and clicking send, a “thank you” page appears..