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International Freight Carrier APS

he old company website was developed in 2011. It was developed at the time the brand was launched, when the company did not have its own building, and the fleet consisted of disparate, non-branded equipment. In this regard, during the initial development, they resorted to creating graphic visual images for the main page and description of services (creative 3d-visualizations). At the moment, a significant stock of media content has been created (photos and videos) with new equipment, a new building, reports on completed transportation, etc. Thus, the current site does not reflect the changes that have occurred in the company over the past 3 years.

The main goal of creating a new site is the formation of a steadily growing number of calls (leads) in key areas of the company:

  1. selling services
  2. attracting employees
  3. selling equipment

Additional tasks:

  • to create a positive brand image, create the necessary image that promotes effective communication with targeted groups from different countries and regions;
  • provide prompt feedback from target groups to the company;
  • help potential customers quickly find the necessary information necessary when choosing company services;
  • create a convenient channel for two-way communication of the HR department of the company with potential employees.

Priorities in development:

  1. design (spectacular, memorable);
  2. ease of use of the site (find and receive information);
  3. software implementation (innovative technical solutions);
Международный грузоперевозчик APS