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The Dobry Doktor medical centre

Nowadays, more and more parents are concerned about their children's health and are looking for quality medical services for them. One such place is the Dobry Doktor Children's Medical Centre. This article will describe the process of developing a design concept idea for the website of this centre.

The first step in website design was to determine the target audience. As a rule, parents and children are two different categories of users, so the design should be universal and suitable for both groups. It was important to keep in mind that parents are looking for information on medical services and children are looking for entertainment and games.

The next step was to develop a design concept that reflected the friendliness and trust in the health centre. It was important to create a clean and simple design that was pleasant and user-friendly.

Option 1:


The colour scheme was chosen based on bright and friendly colours that relate to children's themes. The use of illustrations and photographs of children and medical professionals was also an important design element.

The design concept of the website also had to be adaptive and compatible with mobile devices, as most users use smartphones and tablets to search for information.

Option 2:

As a result, creating a design concept idea for the new website for the Dobry Doctor Children's Medical Centre required considering the needs of both parents and children, as well as the uniqueness of the brand and its values. It had to reflect the friendliness and professionalism of the medical centre and create an enjoyable experience for users.