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Kazakhstan Football Federation

We are pleased to present our design work for the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan. Our goal is to create a user-friendly and informative website that will serve as the main source of information about professional football leagues in Kazakhstan. In this article we want to share the main objectives of the project and its benefits, based on quotes from the terms of reference.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Informativeness: Our aim is to create a well-designed and user-friendly structure that will effectively inform users about professional football leagues in Kazakhstan. We want to provide a list of standings, clubs, statistical data, information about players and current news about football events in Kazakhstan.
  2. administration and division of access rights: An important aspect of the project is to implement a system of authorization and sharing access rights to the site administration system. Site administrators will be able to manage site content, add information, edit entries, manage match records, etc. We will provide flexibility in setting access rights for each site administrator.
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Benefits of the project:

  1. integration with Genius Sports: We have made provisions for integration with the API transmission system from Genius Sports. This will enable us to generate competition results based on the match records played, ensuring accuracy and reliability of the data.
  2. Multi-language: The developed website will have a main Kazakh-language version as well as additional English and Russian versions. All versions will be full-fledged copies of the main version that will ensure ease of use for different audiences.
  3. Advertising possibilities: we will provide a possibility to place banner advertising on the site. Banners may be uploaded via Frame or provided as images with a hyperlink which will allow partners and sponsors to place their ads on the site.
  4. integration with WyScout: After evaluating different systems for collecting statistics, the client preferred to use WyScout, and we successfully integrated it into the website. This allows importing match record information, which enables automatic data verification, including live and post-match data.

We are proud of our partnership with the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan and strive to create a quality and functional website, which will serve as the main source of information about football leagues in Kazakhstan. We will do our best to achieve our goals and to ensure that all requirements set out in the terms of reference are met.

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The integration process with Genius Sports was an important part of the design for the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK). Genius Sports is a leading sports data and technology provider, providing a wide range of solutions for collecting, analyzing and presenting sports statistics.

We are proud to present the developed project for the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK). Our new website, pflk.kz, was successfully designed and launched and serves as the main source of information about professional football tournaments in Kazakhstan.

Integration with Genius Sports was implemented to provide up-to-date and reliable information on matches, teams, players and statistics of football events. The integration process included the following steps:

  1. Installation and configuration of the API: First, it was necessary to access the Genius Sports API. This process required creating an account and obtaining API keys that were used to authenticate and authorise requests to their services.
  2. Defining the data required: In conjunction with the PFLC, a requirements analysis was carried out and the required data that should have been obtained from Genius Sports was identified. This included items such as match events, team and player statistics, tactical data and other important indicators.
  3. Developing API queries: Appropriate queries to the Genius Sports API were developed based on certain data. The queries included parameters, filters and data sorting to retrieve only the necessary information and ensure it was up-to-date.
  4. Integration into the project: Using selected technologies and tools (e.g. PHP), code was implemented to send queries to the Genius Sports API and receive responses. The resulting data was processed and integrated into the existing PFLK content management system.
  5. Real-time data update: The integration was designed to receive data from Genius Sports in real time. This ensured that statistics, events and other information on the PFLC website were up to date.
  6. Testing and debugging: After the development of the integration with Genius Sports was completed, tests were conducted to verify that the data was received and processed correctly. Debugging work was also carried out to correct possible problems or errors.

Following the successful integration with Genius Sports, the PFLC website became an enriched source of up-to-date sports information, providing users and fans with complete and reliable statistics about football matches and teams. This has improved the user experience and increased the appeal of the PFLC web platform.

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One of the key features of the website is the integration with WyScout, which allows the automatic import of match report information, including tactical formation, possession, kicks, corners, offsides, fouls, yellow and red cards. All these statistics can be accessed live or after the match.

The website also contains team and player statistics. Under the "Match record" sub-section, the statistics show information about ball possession, shots, corners, fouls, offsides, yellow and red cards, accurate assists, fouls won and other stats for each team. There is also a section called "Player" where you can find player statistics including minutes on the pitch, assists, save percentage (for goalkeeper), accurate shots, accurate passes, fouls won and other stats.

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We have developed a smart search engine on the website which allows the user to search for information in all sections. By typing characters into the search box and clicking on the "magnifying glass" icon or the "enter" button, all relevant sections are displayed.

The main purpose of our project is to popularise information about professional football tournaments in Kazakhstan. The website features tournaments such as OLIMPBET CHAMPIONSHIP, League One, League Two, OLIMPBET-CUBUBE and OLIMPBET-SUPERCUBE. We have made it possible to edit, delete and add new tournaments via the website administrator's SAS.

Each tournament has its own rules and structure. For example OLIMPBET-Cup can be represented by a set of stages, each with specific rules and regulations. All stages can be easily connected or disconnected by the tournament administrator before the start of the season.

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We have developed a handy tournament management system, where the site administrator can set the number of participants using the club database. The clubs can also be easily managed via SAS by the site administrator. The results of the matches update the table and rank the clubs accordingly.

In League One and League Two, the first two teams have the possibility to relegate to a higher league, while the last two teams can relegate to a lower league. The number of relegation places and promotion can be changed by the site administrator.

We also have a section called "Team in Championship Club Structure" where the teams affiliated to the main club are displayed. These teams can be entered in other tournaments and have their own lineup. The teams' pages are identical to the main club's page with the exception of the subpage "Teams in the structure of the Championship club".

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Each club has its own player list and each player has a separate page with information about himself including name, photo, number, nationality, year of birth, height, weight, current club logo and statistics. The player statistics are generated automatically from the clubs and match records. The rest of the elements, such as player pictures and personal information can be managed by the website administrator via CAS.

There is also a section on the website called "Match record" which contains match previews, match highlights, online broadcast and statistics. The online streaming section is represented by the YouTube player, which can be controlled by the website administrator via SAS.

We are proud to present this project to the PFLC, which will make information about football tournaments in Kazakhstan more accessible and popular. Tournament management system, team and player statistics, as well as a clever site search will help fans and professionals get up-to-date information and enjoy football in Kazakhstan.

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The design for the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK) used a modern technology stack including the following elements:

  1. HTML Files: HTML is the basis of web markup and was used to create the structure and content of the website pages.
  2. CSS Files: CSS was applied to the styling and visual design of web pages. It allowed for an attractive and modern design by providing a consistent style and layout throughout the website.
  3. JS Files: JavaScript was used to add interactivity and dynamic features to the web pages. Various elements such as form validation, pop-ups and animations were implemented using JS.
  4. PHP: PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) was used as a server-side programming language. It provided database interaction, form data processing, dynamic content generation and other server-side tasks.
  5. PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL was chosen as the relational database for storing and organizing project data. It provided reliable storage of information about clubs, players, tournaments and other entities.
  6. Bootstrap 4.x: Bootstrap is a popular framework for developing adaptive and mobile web applications. It provided out-of-the-box components, mesh and styling, simplifying the process of creating a modern and responsive design.
  7. Symfony: Symfony is a high-performance PHP framework that was used to develop complex and scalable web applications. It provided a set of tools and libraries for managing routing, controllers, models, and other project components.
  8. JQuery: JQuery was used to simplify the handling of JavaScript by providing convenient functions for manipulating DOM elements, handling events and executing AJAX requests.

Apart from the above mentioned technologies, other tools can be used depending on the specific requirements and functionality of the project. This technology stack ensured the development of a functional, aesthetically pleasing and easily extensible web application for PFLK.