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We love interesting and non-standard tasks and projects! And this time we were approached by a customer with a task that is difficult to name a typical one.
The main idea of the project is to form a rating of companies from different business segments. The companies are segmented in a list and analyzed the various terms of these organizations, forming a rating for each of them.

The project started with the development of technical documentation. Taking into consideration the specific functionality of the project and the program code it is a necessary step to achieve the goals set by the customer. And they were as follows:

  1. Creation of convenient and well-thought-out structure of the site with information about ratings of companies for users.
  2. Providing a list of companies and information about them.
  3. Forming a rating of companies based on user feedback.
1 сайт.png

Of course, the Technical Documentation should be present in each project for its successful implementation, but in this case, it is worth highlighting it, especially considering the structure of the project, the number of types of users and their capabilities, the system of project administration, the system of moderation of registered companies/users and feedbacks, as well as individual settings of companies, which are in the top.

2 шаблон.png

The documentation included a complete list of requirements for the site to be developed, including a description of the following:

  1. The complete structure of the site.
  2. requirements for functional characteristics
  3. Operating conditions 4.
    Description of the navigation system of the site (main and additional means of navigation) 5.
  4. Description of components and modules: data structure (list of all fields of the section), description of the appearance of pages of each section.
  5. Description of the structure, capabilities and display parameters of the Symfony modules and components involved in this project.

The project was developed based on the Symfony framework, which allowed to implementation of all the necessary technical features requested by the customer. In particular, this way of coding allowed setting administration system in such a way that the site administrator could manage all the necessary elements of the site with minimum gestures.

3 доп макеты.png

Based on the Symfony framework, automatic verification by registered users has been developed, including the automation of moderation of reviews with the possibility of manual control.

The project has implemented an algorithm for banner advertising with the possibility of manual control through the site administration system, which allows you to set certain parameters for its display in the necessary sections of the site.

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