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We were contacted by a company working with agricultural machinery LLC SoyuzSpetsStal. For their branch "Soyuz-agro", it is necessary to develop a new site.

Here's how they formed the task before us:

We will assume that this is a completely new site. We want to make it in the form of a kind of block, self-promotion and advertising of our ideas and products. Within the framework of our agricultural project, we have gained certain experience and knowledge that can help other agricultural enterprises to get to effective work in the shortest possible time and
which we want to share in the form of articles, photos and videos and accordingly put it on our website. And also offer specific things on
equipment and technologies, including second-hand, our services with equipment and consulting in the field of agricultural production, as well as construction in the field of agricultural. With the right advertising in specialized print media and using other opportunities and technologies to promote this site, we want to turn it into a kind of bestseller. Because all the things we offer are simple and clear and allow you to quickly get a significant result. As well as the ability to put all our agricultural equipment up for sale, will allow us to create the largest trading portal in the Republic of Belarus from scratch.