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TiKoo Marketplace

TiKoo is a project developed by Piplos Media, which is a unified trading platform for B2B2C online commerce with Israel. This project combines several key components, providing unprecedented convenience for businesses and consumers.

We will start by describing the first component of TiKoo - online shopping ratings in the form of MarketPlace. We have developed a database system for ratings of online shops registered on tikoo.co.il. This allows users to make informed decisions when choosing products and services, providing a better shopping experience.


TiKoo Marketplace: Technical Innovations for a Successful Marketplace in Israel

Creating a successful marketplace requires not only creative design and user friendliness, but also carefully considered technical solutions. TiKoo Marketplace is an example of a platform where attention to detail and the use of advanced technology play a key role in achieving success in the Israeli market.


Flexible Infrastructure

TiKoo Marketplace is built in PHP using Symfony, a high-performance framework that provides flexibility and scalability. This allows the platform to respond quickly to changing marketplace needs and rapidly roll out new features and updates.


Big Data Management.

Marketplace handles huge amounts of data, including information on thousands of products and shops. The database management system is optimised for quick access and fast search, ensuring smooth and efficient user interaction with the site.


Ratings and Recommendations

One of the key elements of TiKoo Marketplace's success is the rating system. Sophisticated data analysis algorithms rate the quality of products and shops, providing users with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Recommendation systems adapt to users' preferences, improving their experience.


Order Management and CRM

Personal accounts for salespeople are equipped with a mini Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This functionality facilitates sales leads as well as order processing. Salespeople can pay attention to each order, monitor statuses and communicate promptly with customers.

Automatic Catalogue Update

Product data is automatically uploaded to the platform via parsing from an internal database. This allows you to keep your catalogue always up-to-date without the need to manually enter data.


Notification System

The smart notification system is actively used at all stages of user interaction with the platform. It helps to inform about new orders, status changes and other events, which reduces response time and increases customer satisfaction.


Supports Multiple Technologies

TiKoo Marketplace uses a wide stack of technologies including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, as well as Sass and SCSS for styling, and Bootstrap to create an adaptive and colourful user interface. This provides a modern and intuitive design.

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Waterfall Methodology

The project was developed using waterfall methodology, providing clear planning, design and development phases that simplifies project management and ensures quality results.

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TiKoo is not only a marketplace for selling electronics, but also a technically sophisticated solution that provides comfort and convenience for users and merchants. This project is an example of how technology can improve and simplify online commerce, making it more accessible and efficient.