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Furniture Search TradeMebel

The first company on the Kazakhstan market offering a service to find furniture at the best price.

This project consists of two parts:

  1. Tender part (users can publish their applications for the development of individual furniture, and suppliers can give their suggestions).
  2. Catalog (in this part, ready-made solutions are presented from suppliers of furniture, which can be purchased through the site).
Поиск мебели TradeMebel

We have developed a complex mechanism for recommending the buyer according to the necessary criteria. This project attracted great interest among consumers and quickly gained popularity in the market of Kazakhstan.

Implemented the purchase functionality of a certain type of user, tariff plans.

Each tariff can be connected for a certain period. When the tariff plan expires, the user receives a notification about this by e-mail. If the user has not renewed the tariff plan, he again receives a notification in the mail about the blocking of his capabilities on the site.


Users of the site are divided into 3 types according to access rights:

  1. Buyer / Customer
  2. Seller / Contractor
  3. Site administrator
    Buyer / Customer and the Seller / Contractor has access only to the public part of the site. Access to the administrative part is available to users with administrator rights.