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Online Store "Your House"

Development of an online store for the sale of building materials? It is easy when the team has a clear vision and a set of competencies for the implementation of the project. Piplos Media has received an order to develop the website of the online building store "Your House". Actually, we’ll talk about this.

Having visited the site of a construction store, a potential buyer, first of all, wants to get information as quickly as possible about the assortment, the availability of goods in stock and how to purchase them. Therefore, the design of the site had several basic requirements. Not to distract the user's attention from the purchase, to be restrained in its own way, but also aesthetically attractive. We chose the graphic design based on the corporate colors of the company.


At the stage of developing the site structure, we took into account all the subtleties associated with its purpose. The main idea was to make the menu interface as convenient and understandable for the visitor as possible. Ease of navigation is the key to the effectiveness of an online store.

The project’s features were a delivery calculator and a material cost calculator. By the way, they were developed by us. For the user, the mechanics are pretty simple. For example, to find out the cost of delivery, it is enough to drive in the necessary data (weight, volume of cargo, delivery address) and click on the button “Calculate” . On the developer’s side, this is a lot of conditional combinations, each of which has its own calculation formula . We add here the possibility of free delivery, as well as a system of discounts in the region for a certain order amount.


Special attention deserves the calculator for calculating the cost of the material. We admit, it was necessary to work hard on him . But the result cannot but rejoice: now the user has the opportunity to independently assemble the insulation system. For this , it is necessary to fill in three fields : “ Insulation thickness ”, “ Insulation area ” and “Brand \ Manufacturer” . Dumb about how the calculator works : each of the seven layers of the insulation system is associated with the corresponding category of the catalog. The calculator itself gives the amount of product the customer needs — for this, a separate calculation formula is created for each layer . In some layers, the scheme is complicated by additional buttons that allow you to most accurately determine customer preferences. So we were able to automate what consultants spend a considerable amount of their time on.

Let's not forget about the convenient filtering function for each category of products. In addition to the basic parameters for sorting by price and by product popularity, the customer has the opportunity to create new ones, delete and edit existing parameters.

Each user registered on the site has a personal account. We foresaw that users can be both individuals and legal entities, so we decided to separate these audiences already at the registration stage. To do this, enter the parameter "User Type", in which you need to select the appropriate option.