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UNITESS Website Development

A classic project for our customer UNITESS, which in turn is engaged in a completely non-standard production - the development of automated workstations and hardware and software systems for testing, verification and calibration laboratories.


The Customer approached us with the task of developing a new website unitessambient.com. After a detailed briefing we set the following stages of the project development:

  1. Development of Technical Documentation according to the project budget
  2. Agreeing on the final estimate based on the agreed documentation
  3. Development of a prototype design
  4. Site design development including adaptation for mobile devices. There were chosen 3 resolutions for adaptive design.
  5. Front-end development.
  6. Back-end development. Creation of project administration system based on Symfony framework, with the ability to manage all the elements of the site.
2.jpg 4.jpg

The process of creating this project was thoroughly checked by the customer and coordination with various departments of the company.


The methodology for the introduction of the project was determined by Kanban. It allowed an even distribution of tasks between the team, which in turn made the whole development process transparent to both team members and the responsible person of the customer.

Technology stack which was involved in this project is not great (figma, HTML, JS, Symfony, PHP, CSS), but it was more than enough for the successful launch of the site.