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Not easy means difficult, and what's difficult often turns into aggression we don't understand. We, the Piplos Media team, are against the aggression that can be seen day in and day out. We love complex and interesting tasks! And even more we like to enjoy the result of the realization of these tasks in reality.

Have you ever thought about your compatibility with another person? What if it's a colleague or potential employee/candidate/employer? A beautiful office or tempting financial conditions are no guarantee that you won't encounter a toxic or unfriendly atmosphere in a particular workplace. So is it possible to avoid it?

Now the answer is YES!


Our team was able to implement the idea of the project Congruent and the Customer's thoughts on the formation of compatibility of a person with the psychological climate in the company or with an individual employee or manager.

The congruent.ru project is designed to achieve the following main goals:

  • Informativeness. Creating a convenient and thoughtful structure for users to take the tests and get company results for users.
  • Providing a list of employees who have or have not passed the test.
  • Generation of test results of the user or company employees based on testing.

Each user registered on this resource is given the opportunity to take a test, on the basis of which, he gets a lot of data related to his values and anti-values, with the conflicts of these indicators and other indicators, and statistical data.


The back-end part of the project is designed based on the framework and represents the following technology stack:

  • php,
  • symfony,
  • postresql,
  • docker

As for Front-end, it involves technologies such as:

  • html,
  • css,
  • scss,
  • jquery

A personal account is a set of different "roles" of users who can exchange test results, compare them, send invitations, and create entire communities. Such communities form their own database of testing and analysis.


Among other things, users have the functionality to differentiate employees of the same company by type or position, grouping them candidates or applicants, thereby simplifying the introduction of analysis of the test.


It is also worth highlighting the stylistic solution of the project, which was based on the ease of perception of the information by the user and the accessibility of testing. A flexible notification system has been developed for registered users, who can manage it themselves in Personal Area.


Separately, the system of managing tariffs by the project moderator. This system provides the ability to manually set tariffs, in any quantity and with different functions available to users. In general, the entire project is managed through a single administration system, which allows not only to work with tariffs and content on the site itself, but also to quickly moderate the work of users and their tests, thereby obtaining overall statistics on active users.

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If you appreciate PEACE and want to contribute to it by showing the world your cool idea, welcome to Piplos Media.

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