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Development of a Leasing CRM system

Automation is an important element in any business development process. And our Piplos Media team develops business process automation tools for its customers.

We have posted information on this development before (link), but this time we are focusing on a separate element of this project - the development of Personal Cabinet of the leasing company project.


The problem faced by the Customer was the automation of document management and cash flow of leasing payments for B2B clients. The problem was related to the fact that the client was using a client data entry system, which was only for internal use. Based on this, all information on payments and documents (contracts, acts, invoices) were transmitted at the clients' request by email or by post. This complicated the process and increased the processing time of the requests.


The solution offered in the process of developing and supporting the Leasing Company's website was the development of a Personal Account for each client.

This development included a process of integration of the Customer's internal document management system, for the exchange of data between it and the Personal Account of their clients. All information is transmitted in real time, thanks to the developed API data transfer system, which identifies each client by ID and transmits the data to the client's Personal Account.


Personal Cabinet itself, displays information on all types of documents, payment schedules with the ability to view the calendar of payments, the status of leasing contracts, cash balances for payment, repaid payments and future payments.


It has also been developed to view leasing objects by contract with information on them, as well as the ability to contact the customer support team.


As a result, Personal Area was not just another element of the website, but a full-featured client CRM system, which was developed based on the Symfony framework, which in turn allows it to scale (modify) to any new customer requirements.