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Integration with Genius Sports and WyScout

This article looks at the process of integrating the Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK) project with the Genius Sports and WyScout services. These services provide valuable data and statistics to significantly improve the quality of information and analytical capabilities of the project. We will look at what data and statistics can be integrated and take a closer look at the integration process and the technology stack used.

The technical part:

1. Genius Sports:

  • The ability to retrieve real-time match information.
  • Data on tactical line-up, possession, kicks, corners, offside, fouls, cards and other statistics.
  • Integration of match report, including highlights and match statistics.
  • Obtain data on teams, players, coaches and other participants.

2. WyScout:

  • Possibility to get detailed analytical information about teams, players and matches.
  • Detailed statistics on players, including save percentage (for goalkeeper), accuracy of shots and passes, percentage of fouls won and other indicators.
  • Information on goal-scoring chances, accurate shots, missed goals and other statistics.
  • Data on created chances, missed penalties and other game situations.

The integration process with the Genius Sports API system and WyScout for the Football League of Kazakhstan (PFLK) project represents an important step in improving data and analytics. These services provide valuable information about football matches, teams, players and statistics to better understand and analyse game events.
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The first stage of integration involves setting up and gaining access to the Genius Sports and WyScout APIs. Once the API keys have been obtained, the process of developing the code to interact with the Genius Sports and WyScout services begins. Web developers create modules or plug-ins that enable them to retrieve and process data using the API. This involves installing and configuring the necessary libraries, creating queries to the API, processing the responses received and saving the data to the PFLK project database.

The integration process:

1. Data preparation:

Analysis of required data and statistics for integration.
Define agreements on data format and structure for compatibility with Genius Sports and WyScout services.

2. Installing and configuring APIs:

Creating connections and setting up access to the Genius Sports and WyScout API services.
Installing the required libraries and tools for working with the APIs.

3. Querying and handling data:

Create a query to the API to get the required data and statistics.
Processing of received data for further integration into the PFLK project.

4. Integration of data into the project:

Development of modules and functions for data integration from Genius Sports and WyScout services.
Creation of database and tables for storing integrated data.

The next step is to set up data synchronisation between the PFLC system and the Genius Sports and WyScout services. This includes determining how often the data is updated, selecting which data to receive (such as match results, player statistics, tactical formations, etc.), and creating mechanisms to automatically process and update the data.
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After the development and configuration of the integration, testing is carried out to ensure that the data is correctly and successfully pulled from the Genius Sports and WyScout services to the PFLC project. The testing process verifies that the data is received correctly, is consistent, up-to-date and meets the requirements of the project.

After successful testing, the integration goes live. The PFLK project now has access to up-to-date data and statistics provided by Genius Sports and WyScout. This allows more detailed analysis of game moments, trends, team tactics and players' performance.
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Technology stack:

  • Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Bootstrap
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery)
  • Development environment: Visual Studio Code
  • Web server: Apache


Integration with the Genius Sports API system and WyScout greatly enriches the PFLK project with information about football matches and players. This creates opportunities for deeper analysis, improved tactics and informed decision-making, contributing to the development and improvement of professional football in Kazakhstan.