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The social network of movie fans Tontiag

In the world of cinema, there are many resources where you can find information about films, actors and writers. However, our team has developed a social network that allows you to dive even deeper into the world of cinema.

This resource is the first of its kind that gives users the opportunity to learn new things about the world of cinema. In our social networking site users can share their knowledge and experience, post their reviews of movies they've seen and enter contests and earn rewards for their efforts.

Социальная сеть киноманов Tontiag

Our users can create a personal account where they can add various clips and scenes from movies to their favorites and share them with friends. We have also implemented messaging functionality between users in this project.

We are sure that our social network will be useful both for professionals of film industry and for people, who simply like to watch films and want to learn more about the world of cinema.

In addition, our project is focused on further development and development of mobile app so that users can use our service anytime and anywhere. We hope that our social network will become one of the key resources for movie lovers and continue to delight them in the near future.