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Developing calculator software

Piplos Media is a young and dynamic software development company. A recent Piplos Media project involved the development of a siding costing software for Yu-Plast, one of the largest siding manufacturers.

The goal of this project was to develop a handy and fast tool to allow the customer to get the exact cost of siding for their house or building in a few clicks. To achieve this goal Piplos Media used advanced programming technology and paid attention to every detail of the development.


One of the key features of the software is its intuitive interface which allows users to easily adjust calculation parameters and get accurate results. In addition, the software allows calculations to be made not only for typical buildings but also for complex architectural structures, taking into account every detail and feature of the building.

The result of U-Plast software development is a comfortable and accurate tool that helps customers to quickly and easily calculate the cost of required siding, taking into account all peculiarities and requirements. Piplos Media is proud of its project and continues to work on developing new innovative software solutions.