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UI/UX designer


We are actively looking for a good web designer with experience in developing mobile app design.

Drawing layouts of project pages with real content, all forms, dialogs, and states of interactive elements. A single project can have dozens of pages and hundreds of additional elements.
Illustrations for projects are performed by freelance illustrators, but to be able to create simple graphics is necessary - only layout layouts are not enough.
You need experience with layouts that describe complex interactive and scenarios, an understanding of the principles of creating adaptive layouts and layouts of mobile sites.
Work is underway at Figma.

Work experience in a studio or an online agency.
Hard work and healthy altruism.
Understanding the value of working time.
Tender attitude towards typography.
Passion for the embodiment of an idea.
Love for little things and the ability to keep them in mind.
The ability to hear and understand the logic of things.
Desire, desire, and indifference.
Necessarily a portfolio, good and large.

Office in the center of Minsk near the metro. Good mood and positive - we guarantee!