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Karaoke mobile app development

Karaoke Pearls is a mobile app for karaoke fans that allows users to perform songs, record their performances and share them with their friends on social media. The app was developed by the Piplos Media team for the iOS platform and has since become popular with karaoke fans.

Development of Karaoke Pearls began in 2019 when Piplos Media received a request from a client to create a mobile karaoke app. The team started working on the project and held a series of meetings with the client to clarify their requirements and wishes.

One of the main requirements was the ability to record performances and share them with friends on social networks. The client also wanted the app to have a large database of songs and be easy to use for users of all levels.

The Piplos Media team used the Swift programming language and Xcode development tool to implement the project. They also used many third-party libraries and tools to create a high quality application.

One of the main tasks was to create a song database that was large enough and diverse enough to satisfy the users. To do this, the development team undertook the task of finding and licensing music tracks so that users could play the songs of their favourite artists.

In addition, the development team used artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of users' recordings and enable them to make more professional recordings.

After months of development, the app was ready to launch. It was sent to the App Store for validation and after approval was made available for download.

Since then, Karaoke Pearls has become popular with users who love to sing and record their performances. The app has a high rating