Our Apps

RadioPlayer Stage 4
Developing an app for Android Auto and CarPlay
RadioPlayer Stage 3
Development of an Android and iOS mobile app for RadioPlayer Belarus based on Flutter
Unistar Android and iOS mobile app
The Unistar mobile app: a convenient way to listen to a radio station
Android app Local Market
Development of Android app Local Market. Local Market is an opportunity to offer your goods and services, to find the best business partners.
Redesign of the app "Humor FM"
Recycling Mobile App
Mobile app "Autoradio"
Development of a mobile app (Android and iOS) for radio stations AutoRadio
Mobile app "Humor FM"
Android and iOS application of the radio station "Humor FM"
VERSUSPORTS - The Ultimate Sports Enthusiast's Social Network
VERSUSPORTS: Transforming Sports Enthusiasm into a Thriving Social Network
Development of iOS and Android applications of the radio station "RADIO RELAX"
Autoactive app
Development of a mobile assistant application for driver
Selfiest mobile app
Social network of selfie lovers
The mobile app BuduTam
Development of the BuduTam mobile app for Japan Tobacco: creating a social network for party organisation
Tontiag mobile app
Mobile app of the social network of movie fans Tontiag
Karaoke mobile app development
Karaoke: The story of mobile app development by Piplos Media team
Mobile app for medical centres
Piplos Media team develops mobile app 103.by: a convenient search for medical centres and beauty salons
Women's Calendar for Android
The redesign of the Android mobile app Women's Calendar: convenience and functionality in one.
Sugar Motel Blog App
Pilos Media team: developing the Sugar Motel blog mobile app for iOS platform
App dom.by
Mobile app written for the iOS for the building portal dom.by
VTB Capital Research for iPad
Development of an iPad mobile app for client VTB Capital Research
Ways Of Looking
Ways Of Looking: Developing a mobile app for iOS that makes it easy to find art in the city
Art in Sheffield
Art in Sheffield: How we developed a mobile app for iOS