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RadioPlayer Stage 3

The development of a mobile application is one of the key stages of the RadioPlayer Belarus project. Flutter framework was chosen to create the application on Android and iOS , which allows developing cross-platform applications with high performance and beautiful design.

The first step in app development was to create screen layouts, which were approved by the customer. The tool of choice was Figma, which enables rapid prototyping and interface design. After approval of the mock-ups, work started on the program code.


One of the main advantages of using the Flutter framework is the availability of a large number of ready-made widgets and libraries. This allows you to speed up the development process considerably and create a beautiful and functional design.

During the application development process, many different widgets have been created that display information about radio stations and allow you to manage streams. Widgets were also created to display a list of radio stations and favourite radio stations, as well as to customise the app's settings.


Various libraries and APIs were used to implement the functionality of the application. For example, the AudioPlayer library was used to play streams of radio stations, and the Dio library was used to work with the network.

Testing is also an important part of mobile application development. For this purpose, automatic tests were created, which allow us to check the app's performance under different conditions. This allows to detect bugs and defects at early stages of development and speed up testing process significantly.


One of the important aspects of mobile app development is its optimization and performance. For this, various optimization techniques such as lazy data loading and caching were applied.

After the development of the mobile app was completed, a number of tests were conducted on different devices to verify its performance and quality.


Additional features have also been added that increase the usability of the mobile app for users. One such feature is the ability to set notifications about new radio stations and programme.


Personal data protection measures have been implemented to ensure user security. The mobile app allows logging in only with a unique username and password, and includes protection against hacking and data interception.


Following the successful development of the Flutter-based mobile app, integration with the RadioPlayer Belarus website and API system has been carried out, allowing users to access the project's content on all platforms.


Overall, the development of a mobile application based on Flutter is an important stage of the RadioPlayer Belarus project, as it is the main tool for users to easily and conveniently listen to Belarusian radio stations on mobile devices. Operational efficiency and reliability of the mobile application, as well as protection of users' personal data, increase the quality and usability of the project as a whole.