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RadioPlayer Stage 4

The development of Android Auto and CarPlay is a very important step in creating a complete product for users. These features allow users to connect their devices to the car and control applications without taking their eyes off the road.

Android Auto and CarPlay were developed using native programming languages, which are specialised tools for these versions of the applications. In order to implement support for Android Auto and CarPlay, certain requirements and features of these platforms had to be considered.

One of the main requirements for Android Auto and CarPlay is to minimise distractions. The user must be able to operate the app without taking their attention off the road. This requires simple and intuitive interfaces that are easy to operate using voice commands or gestures.

One of the key features of Android Auto and CarPlay is support for touch screens. The user should be able to operate the app using touch gestures that are easily recognised by the system. It is also important to consider screen size so that the interface is scalable and looks attractive on any device.


In order to develop support for Android Auto and CarPlay in the app, it was necessary to use specific APIs that are provided for each of the platforms. These allow them to interact with the system, retrieve data about the state of the car and transfer control of the app to the driver.

One of the main challenges in developing Android Auto and CarPlay was to ensure safety. The app should only be available when the car is in motion. The user must be notified that using the app could be a distraction from the road and must confirm their intention to use the app.

The development of Android Auto and CarPlay is an important step in creating a quality product that is user-friendly and safe for users. This requires taking into account the requirements and features of each platform, creating simple and intuitive interfaces, and using specific APIs to interact with mobile devices in the car.

When developing Android Auto and CarPlay, particular attention was paid to safety, as these platforms are designed to be used while driving. The user interface needs to be simple and intuitive so that the driver can focus on the road and not on the mobile device.


To create the application on the Android Auto platform, special APIs were used to allow interaction with the mobile device in the car through voice commands or steering wheel buttons. This required integration with Google Assistant and the use of special libraries and frameworks to create the user interface.

When developing for the CarPlay platform, the requirements and limitations set by Apple had to be taken into account. A special SDK was used to create a user interface that complies with Apple's standards and ensures safety while driving.

Additionally, testing was carried out on different devices and under different conditions to ensure the quality and functionality of the app on the Android Auto and CarPlay platforms.

The final product is designed to be easy and safe to use in the car, allowing users to access the information and functions they need without taking their eyes off the road. The development of Android Auto and CarPlay is an important step in creating an innovative product that meets users' needs and requirements, as well as safety and quality standards.