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Overview of TiKoo

TiKoo is an innovative platform developed by Piplos Media that is designed to simplify and improve the process of international trade with Israel. This project combines several key components to provide unprecedented convenience for businesses and consumers.

Online Shopping Ratings

We have created a ratings database system for online shops registered on tikoo.co.il. This allows users to make informed decisions when choosing products and services, ensuring a better shopping experience.

Unified platform

TiKoo provides one unified platform for retailers and wholesalers in Israel. This means that both consumers and businesses can easily find and purchase products on the same resource - e.tikoo.co.il.


The TiKoo platform opens up access to global trade through the publication of purchase orders. You can choose independent suppliers and expand your business outside Israel.

Simplifying transactions

We recognise the importance of engaging counterparties through the platform. TiKoo provides mechanisms for bank transfers and organising logistics to facilitate transactions and strengthen your business interactions.

Document Management

The TiKoo platform allows you to automatically capture transaction-related accounting documents and create online contracts. This reduces routine tasks and increases the efficiency of your business.

Lending for the TiKoo project

Part of our TiKoo project is a lending site that represents the online version of the Pitch Deck project. This ribbon was developed using advanced technologies including PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass Files, SCSS Files, and Bootstrap. The landing serves as an information resource by introducing users to the core components developed as part of the TiKoo project, such as TiKoo Marketplace and TiKoo Trade.


The TiKoo Project is a true breakthrough in the world of online trading and international business transactions. We aim to facilitate your experience of trading with Israel and create a platform that supports the growth of your business.