Our Lendings

TiKoo project by Piplos Media: Unified platform for B2B2C online trading and trade tenders with Israel
A competition landing page with voting: how to create an immersive experience for your audience
Football Development Center
Development of a landing page for the Football Development Center to attract and train the best young players in Belarus.
Landing page for 3D Player
Landing page development for The View company
Promo Sites for Polimaster
Development of 5 landing pages, for individual product lines manufactured by Polimaster
Development of the G-Drive promotional website
Promotional website development for an oil and gas enterprise: code tracking and prize draw
Voka's Birthday
Advertising game dedicated to Voka's Birthday.
Promotional game Armtek
Development of an advertising game for Armtek
Landing for an Advertising Company
Landing Development for a Moving company
Promotional game "More Drive!"
Promotional game "More Drive!" for an oil and gas company: promo project development
Promotional website of the Golden Barrel
The Golden Barrel promotional game website: How to create an engaging online experience for your audience
Design Studio Piplos Media v2
Development a second version of the site for the Piplos Media design studio, capable of demonstrating to the maximum all the advantages and capabilities of the company
Design studio 'Piplos Media'
Landing Page of 'Piplos Media
Minsk grape wine factory
Landing under the new Maldini Trademark
Autoactive Landing
Landing for the Autoactive mobile app
Landing "Your House"
Development of a promotional site for the studio of finishing solutions Your Home