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SMM app BuduTam

In today's world, social media platforms such as Facebook play an important role in marketing and brand promotion. Developing an SMM application for Facebook can be a useful tool for attracting new customers and increasing brand loyalty.

One example of a successful SMM application development project is BuduTam, which was outsourced to Japan Tabak International. The task of the project was to develop an SMM application to gather marketing research and increase user loyalty to the brand.

Piplos Media proposed an effective solution that included the development of mobile app and an SMM application with a large database to collect marketing information hidden under the guise of various surveys.

The app quickly gained popularity through social media and spread throughout the Facebook social platform. Due to its interactivity and ease of use, it became popular among users who like to spend time on social media.

The SMM app 'BuduTam' has been a successful solution for Japan Tabak International, which has enabled them to attract new customers and increase their brand loyalty. This confirms that developing an SMM app for Facebook can be a useful tool for marketing and brand promotion on social media.